The Queen Anne's County
Child Abuse Response & Evaluation (CARE) Center
The CARE Center
a child advocacy center
The mission of the Queen Anne's County CARE Center
is to ease the emotional trauma to children by coordinating
a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment
of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse and neglect.

A place of healing and hope...

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 The CARE Center is a child advocacy center, a nationally-endorsed model for investigating and treating child sexual abuse.
 Our primary goal is to coordinate a response that supports the child and family through the process of investigation and prosecution while ensuring that appropriate services are in place for the child to heal and move forward. 
Our multidisciplinary collaboration offers comprehensive, culturally-appropriate services for child victims and their non-offending family members in a child-friendly, trauma-sensitive environment. 
Combining the professional knowledge and experience of the multidisciplinary team helps ensure that Queen Anne’s County is using an evidence-supported, best practice approach to the investigative, medical, mental health, and judicial handling of child maltreatment.  The CARE Center’s values and principles:
* A warm, child-friendly environment;
*An engaged and healthy Multidisciplinary Team with a commitment to our mission and the ChildFirst approach;
*Culturally competent, trauma-sensitive services;
*Respect, communication, and follow-up for families;
*Proactive involvement in the community, initiating and supporting prevention efforts.


Quarter Auction 2017

Please join us on Friday, March 31st at 6:00 p.m. for a
fun and fast-paced Quarter Auction, 
led by supreme auctioneer, Lori O'Connell!  

Country Bay Moose Lodge, 6154 Main Street, Queenstown
Admission & One Paddle:  $6.00 - tickets at the door!

Sweet Arts Extravaganza

Many thanks to our friends and supporters
 for helping to make this a great event!

The 2016 Sweet Arts Desserts & Dancing Extravaganza, featuring 21 Horses, is now just a delicious memory! The volunteer-led Because We Care Committee would like to thank the many people and businesses that supported this event. The people of Queen Anne’s County - and many others throughout the region - have shown tremendous generosity of spirit, which we truly appreciate!  
  1. Annual Partners Meeting
    Each year the CARE Center’s partners come together to reaffirm the principles of the child advocacy center model and sign an agreement that outlines the role and responsibilities of each agency partner. This Annual Meeting also give us an opportunity to review the center’s achievements over the past year and plan for the upcoming year. "We are very fortunate to have great working relationships with all our partners in this program. It really makes a difference for the children and families we serve", stated Susan Coppage, Director, Dept. of Social Services.
  2. 2016 Quarter Auction Success!
    The CARE Center would like to thank its community of supporters for the tremendous success of its recent fun and fast-paced Quarter Auction at the Ruthsburg Community Club. Volunteers from the CARE Center’s fundraising committee, Because We Care, garnered support from around the county to bring together donors, vendors, workers, and players to ensure that a good time was had by all. Particular thanks go to auctioneer Lori O’Connell and her helper, Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Jack N. Wilson, Jr., as well as a small army of youth who served as runners all evening.
  3. Child Abuse Prevention Month
    Each April the CARE Center recognizes Child Abuse Prevention Month to help raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse and promote ways people can get involved, including how to recognize signs of abuse. To highlight the importance of community involvement around child abuse, a variety of community leaders partnered with the CARE Center to promote its “Blue Ribbon” campaign. They believe that child abuse CAN be prevented and that residents are an important part of making that happen. Everyone plays a role in ensuring healthy starts for our community's children.