The Queen Anne's County
Child Abuse Response & Evaluation (CARE) Center
The CARE Center is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance (NCA), the national accrediting body for children’s advocacy centers (CACs) accross the nation. 
Formed in 1988, NCA has been providing support, technical assistance, and quality assurance for CACs, while serving as a voice for abused children for more  than 25 years. 

National Children's Alliance

Maryland Children's Alliance

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA)

Enough Abuse Campaign
Built on a child-first philosophy...

The CARE Center is a freestanding, nonprofit program created by the partnership between Queen Anne's County Department of Social Services, the Maryland State Police, Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff, Queen Anne's County State's Attorney's Office, the Mid-Shore Medical Program, Centreville Police Department, and mental health consultants.
The initial goal of this partnership – first formed in 2006 – was to eliminate the difficulties inherent in a fragmented system that created additional, unnecessary trauma for both the child and the family.  Previously, abused children in Queen Anne's County were required to relate the circumstances of their abuse to at least six different agencies involved in the investigation.  As a result, the children were traumatized twice – once by the abuser and again by the need to repeat their story multiple times. 
Leaders in Queen Anne’s County recognized that this disjointed process did not offer the support and services children and families required to begin the journey toward healing. In September, 2011, the Child Abuse Response & Evaluation (CARE) Center was formally established through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the partners.   Now, each year the CARE Center’s partners come together to reaffirm the operating principles of the child advocacy center model and sign an Interagency Agreement that outlines the commitment, the role, and the responsibilities of each agency partner.
The CARE Center’s Multidisciplinary Team is represented by staff from each agency involved in the management of serious child maltreatment cases.  At least three different disciplines are present for each forensic child abuse interview performed at the CARE Center.  The entire team meets monthly to review individual cases and discuss strategies to ensure provision of essential services to each child victim and their non-offending family members.
Made up of a group of dedicated volunteers, Because We Care, is the CARE Center’s fundraising entity, devoted to supporting the Center’s mission, purpose, and daily operations.  As a designated 501(c)3 nonprofit fund within the Maryland Association of Social Services Boards (MASSB) Foundation, 100% of the proceeds from fundraising activities directly benefit child victims and their non-offending families.