The Queen Anne's County Child Abuse Response & Evaluation Center
The CARE Center
The Care Center's 
Multidisciplinary Team
Each year, the CARE Center partners come together to revisit the operating principles of our Multidsciplinary Team and sign an Interagency Agreement that outlines the committment, role, and responsibilites of each agency partner. The agreement affirms that our partners are committed to using a nationally endorsed child advocacy model that mandates a multidisciplinary approach to child abuse, regardless of changes in leadership or other personnel.
Queen Anne's County Department of Social Services
  • The Child Protection Worker assists with the investigation to determine if child abuse occurred. S/he views the child's forensic interview and interviews the alleged offender in order to gather the facts. The worker develops a plan with the family to ensure that the child is safe. 
  • The Forensic Interviewer is the person who interviews the child.  The interviewer has experience working with children and has completed extensive training in interviewing children – in a sensitive, developmentally-appropriate manner – in order to gather evidence for possible prosecution of the case.   
  • The Child/Family Advocate helps the family and the child communicate with the rest of the team throughout the interview and investigation and is available to help out with related needs on an ongoing basis.  Her/his main interest is in ensuring that the child has what s/he needs to heal and move forward.
Maryland State Police, Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff, & Centreville Police Department
  • Law Enforcement Officers are responsible for investigating the incident to determine if a crime has been committed. They view the forensic interview and they interview the alleged offender and other witnesses in order to gather the facts and any evidence.
Queen Anne's County State's Attorney's Office
  • The Prosecutor (from the State’s Attorney’s Office) makes the final decision about whether or not charges will be filed in the particular case.  Consideration is given to the many factors that may impact the likelihood of success in court.  S/he provides legal guidance throughout the entire process.

  • The Victim Advocate answers questions in regard to the legal process and possible court appearances and to provide support and other resources.

Mid-Shore Medical Program
  • The Medical Professional (a physician or a nurse who specializes in child sexual abuse) gathers any physical evidence for the case and also provides assurance that the child will not experience a lasting physical impact.  

For All Seasons, Inc.
  • The Mental Health professional assesses the child’s mental, emotional, and behavioral health to determine the extent of the trauma that she may have suffered.  S/he makes recommendations for appropriate follow up treatment to meet the child’s and the family’s particular needs.